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“Love is limitless. Love is long kisses. Love is art. Love is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Love is the light that shows us the way. Love is giving strength. Love is true romance. Love is finding and building a community. Love is paths not yet traveled. Love turns home."

We are more than a fashion brand.

We are a mindset. Love is our heartbeat, our main attraction, and our value system behind every collection's item you will discover here. Designed to seduce, elevate you and make you feel your best. The ethos of In The Mood For Love is that every day should be a celebration. Our unique aesthetic is a tribute to self-confidence infused with subtle sexiness. It features outfits embellished with bright sequins to evoke more joy in your day (and night). Upgraded tailoring and suits that serve effortless elegance. Rich color palettes to inspire everyday romance.

It blends high modern minimalism and custom bedroom style. For us, femininity is a state of being.

An ever-evolving conversation that should encourage you to embrace one's inner strength, sensuality, and sensitivity at the same time without apology. Founded in Istanbul in 2017, the shared vision of interior designer Rezzan Benardete and fashion designer Banu Bora has always been to convey both passion and a sense of fun through their collections, leveraging past and present influences to convey endless manifestations of love. and realism. A Jungian approach to self-love that evokes the nostalgic—and hedonistic—spirit of 1970s New York City on the dance floor at Studio 54, the surreal erotic visuals of a David Lynch movie, the lyricism found in literature, or a captivating song to a moment and place in time. We don't just wear clothes, we wear memories.


Our experiences and the dreamlike narratives that are passed on to us.

Our Turkish roots and rich artistic heritage can be found intertwined. From luxurious shades of red, violet and gold to sensual silk and velvet weaves, every stitch celebrates Istanbul's poetry of space - working with local female artisans to produce high-quality pieces that will last a lifetime and be loved. In addition to producing our seasonal collections, ITMFL's overarching mission is to connect our customers with the love stories that shape our products. Our design philosophy is dedicated to celebrating self-expression and personal connections, so whatever the occasion, we'll expand our lifestyle ecosystem to bring you more compact style advice. More personalized shopping arrangements. Design, culture, art and travel inspiration that evokes more dopamine. More enjoyment.

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